The word “leftovers” has become ubiquitous with the word “Thanksgiving.” Thursday night is but the pregame for the rest of the weekend’s eating festivities in my household. Two turkeys are cooked, knowing that we’ll only make our way through one at Thanksgiving dinner and that the second bird will be reserved for turkey-cranberry-stuffing sandwiches the next day.

Though the classic turkey sandwich leftover meal is tried and true, this Thanksgiving might be a good time to push your houseguests a step outside of their comfort zone by cooking up a big batch of Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Curry.

This dish comes together in about 30 minutes, is spicy, warming, and best of all, uses up those Thanksgiving leftovers in a totally new way. Feel free to use creative license when cooking this dish — the more leftovers utilized, the better. Have leftover green beans, Brussels sprouts or snap peas? Toss them in at the very end just to warm them through. Spinach, collards or chard are perfect alternatives to kale, and sweet potatoes or any other winter squash would be great in place of the butternut.

Make a big pot of brown rice, or better yet, serve this over leftover rice pilaf, quinoa or whatever grain you served at Thanksgiving. If you don’t have any grains in the house, serve with leftover bread to sop up all the curry sauce.

Keep the party going into the weekend by serving this dish up with a glass of Prophecy Pinot Noir. The fruit-forward wine is the perfect balance for the subtle curry heat in this dish.

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition this year by serving your guests leftover curry!

Brought to you by our friends at Prophecy Wines.

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