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Whether as a side or an appetizer, these leeks are sure to impress.

London-based writer and cookbook author Hattie Ellis’ new book, Honey, sweeps the globe to find the best recipes starring sweet, natural honey. From sweet to savory, appetizer to dessert, if you’re a fan of this versatile sweetener, she has a recipe for you. Enhance these delicious seasonal leeks with two kinds of bee product for a standout vegetarian dish that needs nothing else.

Leeks absorb the sweetness of honey and the sweet tartness of cider to make a side dish that is good enough to take center stage. The leeks cook slowly in their own juices, the flavors enhanced by just a small amount of honey. Then the dish gets another layer of bee-magic with a scattering of crisp spicy breadcrumbs enriched with pollen. You don’t need to make the breadcrumbs; the leeks are good without them, but they look and taste great. With some soft goat cheese or feta scattered over the top, these leeks make a good vegetarian supper. Otherwise, I love them alongside lamb, pork or fish.

Reprinted with permission from Honey