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A simple, hearty vegetarian leek tart needs nothing more than a colorful salad and glass of white wine.

Where would modern cuisine be without the humble but mighty onion? Whether you’re reaching for shallots, chives, cipollinis, scallions, garlic or those little pearl onions that are very hard to peel (but worth it), there’s an innovative recipe in Onions Etcetera for you. This savory, creamy leek tart with feta and dill will be a satisfying nosh at any time of day. 

Kate spent her college years happily working at a little Greek restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the scents of dill and feta have a Proustian effect on her. There’s an easy elegance about this low-slung tart that combines those two flavors with leeks in an unfussy custard of eggs and yogurt. When preparing the dough, consider doubling the recipe and stashing half of it in the freezer.

Reprinted with permission from Onions Etcetera