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Pile it high with this crowd-friendly vegetarian enchilada pie.

Food writer Kristin Donnelly’s new cookbook brings back the old-school potluck dinner with contemporary new recipes. Just because it has to be portable, universally pleasing and easy enough to make in large batches doesn’t mean you’re stuck with beige casseroles and boring side dishes. Pick up a copy of Modern Potluck and feed that crowd right!

I always love looking for the overlap in ingredients between different cuisines. For example, both Mexican food and Indian food rely on flavorful, warmly spiced sauces; they use a variety of vegetables and legumes and they include flatbreads at many meals. As a nod to this overlap, I included curry powder in this otherwise straightforward enchilada pie — a saucy, lasagna-like American dish that pretends to be Mexican. Despite the use of chilies, the casserole is fairly mild. If you’d like more heat, leave in some or all of the jalapeño seeds.

Reprinted with permission from Modern Potluck