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Pop open an avocado and schmear in some tangy labneh for a healthy, protein-packed snack.

Portland-based food writer and cookbook author Lara Ferroni turns her focus on the humble but mighty avocado in her new collection of recipes. Pick up a couple of “gator eggs” and a copy of An Avocado a Day to switch up your creamy green game and infuse this wondrous ingredient into things you never imagined. Sometimes, however, a gussied-up half is as much as you need. This labneh-stuffed avocado is for those times.

This combination of avocado, labneh, and dukkah also makes a great Mediterranean-inspired dip served with pita chips. Just mash the labneh and oil into the avocado and then sprinkle with the dukkah to serve.

Reprinted with permission from An Avocado a Day