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Fuse Israeli and Eastern European food together to make this colorful, hearty dish.

Modern Israeli cuisine is having a major moment in the fine dining sphere. Highlighting extra-flavorful vegetable preparations and simply prepared meats, it’s one of the most popular ways to eat healthfully. Pick up a copy of The Palomar Cookbook, a collection of recipes from the award-winning London restaurant. This labneh kreplach tortellini is a beautiful representation of how Jewish cultures can meld to produce a truly unique dish. 

Sometimes Middle Eastern flavors and Ashkenazi flavors are a match made in heaven. Ashkenazi borscht is often quite a meaty soup, but I wanted to give it some magic for all you vegetable lovers. Here it gets a rose petal and cumin twist, and instead of the fermented beet juice customarily used, I’ve added some pomegranate molasses, and the usual sour cream to serve is replaced with my zesty labneh kreplach with Za’atar Spice Mix.

Reprinted with permission from The Palomar Cookbook