We’re all about hearty bowls of food — plates are overrated, anyway. Join James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurateur Rachel Yang as she dives into this most useful piece of servingware and shows you how to keep it fresh. This rib-sticking Korean treasure rice is a healthy way to fortify a weeknight meal.

In Korea, there’s a traditional special-occasion dish whose name translates to “healthy mix rice.” It’s served in a big stone pot, usually posed as a table centerpiece and decorated with, say, a circle of gingko nuts, or something else that makes it pretty. It always has grains, nuts, mushrooms, and dates, but beyond that, like so many traditions around the world, the recipe varies by household. This is my own version, which I make with Medjool dates (rather than Korean jujubes) because they break down and become almost jammy. It’s the ultimate recharging dish in the winter, meant to be deeply satisfying but also nutritious when the juiciest produce isn’t in season. Eat the rice alone as a meal in itself, for breakfast or lunch.

Look for mixed-grain rice in the rice section of a large Asian grocery store. It should have a mix of grain types — different-colored rice, oats, millet, barley, and sometimes beans.

Reprinted with permission from My Rice Bowl