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Savory-sweet marinated Korean pork ribs are what's for dinner. Start them tonight; reap the benefits tomorrow.

Korean-food aficionado and former Food Republic editor Matt Rodbard has partnered with NYC chef Deuki Hong to release the best Korean cookbook you’ll find this side of the Hangang (that’s a river in Seoul). Dive into America’s famed Koreatowns with these two experts and find yourself in the kitchen with a hot wok, a lot of sesame oil and plenty of kimchi. 

Growing up as huge fans of American-style barbecue, Matt and Deuki have rarely found a pork spare rib they didn’t want to take home to mother. But unlike the typical pitmaster style — where smoke is applied in concert with indirect heat — Korean-style ribs are all about the marinade, soaking the meaty ribs in a gorgeous fruit-based sauce. This marinade, which Deuki has been making for backyard barbecues for years, needs to work its magic for at least 4 hours, but ideally, plan ahead and just let it sit in the fridge overnight. Trust us when we say there is no better party favor than bringing over a couple freezer bags stuffed with gochujang-and-soy-marinated ribs. Throw them on the grill. and the scent of Koreatown will perfume your gathering.

Reprinted with permission from Koreatown: A Cookbook