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Learn how to make a Korean poke bowl with this simple, colorful recipe from a pro.

One of Hawaii’s most beloved treats has hit the mainstream in a big way — get on the wagon and experience poke in all its glorious forms. From the classic to the vegan and even fruit-based, there’s a poke recipe for you. Join Hawaiian food writer and editor Martha Cheng through a poke journey you won’t forget, starting with learning how to make a Korean poke bowl. 

Hot and cold, sweet and tangy, with a heavy dose of spice: This is hoedeopbap, the tantalizing Korean raw fish and rice salad. Kochujang, a spicy fermented soybean paste, forms the base of the dressing. When serving, be sure to use bowls that are large enough to let you comfortably mix everything without the lettuce and rice going flying. I like to toss it tableside, while the rice is still warm and the fish cool.

Reprinted with permission from The Poke Cookbook