Award-winning food photographer, stylist and recipe developer Jerrelle Guy is founder of the popular food blog Chocolate for Basil. Her new collection of recipes, Black Girl Baking, is a wonderful, heartfelt journey through her relationship with food and cooking, and a worthy addition to your culinary library. Ever made kombucha muffins? We haven’t either — let’s get baking!

I’m obsessed with kombucha, the fermented tea drink. I drink it like I used to drink soda as a kid: at least once a day. I crave the feeling of that cold, carbonated liquid hitting my chest, giving me the sensation it’s opening my lungs for the first time that day…it’s addictive. I love watching the agitated bubbles rise to the lip of the bottle, too. I can tell it’s going to be a gusher when the cap is bulging before I even open the bottle. I thought I could use the carbonation and acid to make some kind of quick bread or breakfast muffin. So this is my tea-twist on the Irish soda bread I come across so often here in Boston.

Alternative Fats: You can use melted dairy-free butter or a neutral oil like grapeseed, safflower, sunflower or canola oil.

Reprinted with permission from Black Girl Baking