The traditional Jewish cuisine that warms your soul and fuels your holidays gets a makeover in The Gefilte Manifesto, a collection of recipes by Liz Alpern and Jeffrey Yoskowitz. As owners of artisanal fish loaf haven Gefilteria, their spin on Ashkenazi Jewish food is as appetizing as it is contemporary, spruced up for the next generation of home cooks. That means kimchi stuffed cabbage is on the menu!

Stuffed cabbage is traditionally associated with the holiday of Sukkot, which falls during the autumn harvest when cabbage is king. Because cabbage is so ubiquitous in the region, many Slavic cultures have a tradition of stuffing cabbage leaves. The Jewish version usually involves ground beef and rice, and sometimes sauerkraut, too. We’ve included both a meat stuffing and a vegetarian lentil mushroom variation in this recipe.

Instead of kraut, we fold in our spicy Ashkenazi kimchi to add an extra kick. Both versions of this recipe work great with sauerkraut, so feel free to substitute it wherever kimchi is indicated as an ingredient. You may need to drain the kimchi or sauerkraut in order to chop it, but reserve any excess brine and stir it into the sauce and filling. If using store-bought kimchi, we caution against purchasing only the spicy variety, which can be very, very hot. A mix of mild and spicy kimchi will balance perfectly with the added spice in this recipe. Note that this is a longer, more involved recipe.

Reprinted with permission from The Gefilte Manifesto