Cooking show host and clean-food enthusiast Donal Skehan has a new collection of recipes out that highlight the most flavorful parts of the healthiest foods. Using quality ingredients and simple techniques, Skehan puts his spin on classic dishes and invents his own ways to keep a great diet with lots of variety. These waste-free juicer pulp muffins are a great way to use every bit of your produce!

I always feel guilty dumping the pulp from my juicer into the compost bin, which is why I thought the moist pulp would be the perfect addition to a breakfast muffin. A quick search online made me realize I wasn’t the first genius to think that idea up. So here goes: these are what I deem THE BEST JUICER MUFFINS in the world— tried and tested by me, my family, and my dog. We approve—let’s hope you do too!

Reprinted with permission from Fresh