This sandwich is bananas! You need a Cuban jibarito recipe in your life. There’s never been a hotter time to visit Cuba, but if it’s not next on your fantasy travel list, there’s Cuba! It’s a collection of 75 authentic recipes gathered by the photographer-stylist team of Dan Goldberg and Andrea Kuhn, along with food writer Jody Eddy, that will bring a taste of Havana (and elsewhere) right to your home kitchen. 

The jibarito originated in a Puerto Rican restaurant in Chicago when its owner read about a sandwich assembled with fried plantains instead of bread. This is our version of it, dreamed up while we were enjoying one in that restaurant. Our version uses chicken instead of steak, as chicken is much more affordable. If you prefer dark meat to white, substitute five boneless, skinless chicken thighs for the breasts. Either way, they’ll be exalted with a heaping spoonful of the green olive aioli included here.

Reprinted with permission from Cuba!