If you’re going to cook Japanese at home, you’re going to need some pointers! Join chef, food writer and MasterChef UK winner Tim Anderson on a journey back to the country that inspired him to learn to cook. Japanese potato salad is every bit as tangy, savory and welcome at a picnic as its American counterpart. Pick up some Kewpie mayo and prepare to master your favorite new side dish. 

In some areas, ‘Japanese’ is synonymous with ‘superlative.’ Customer service. Trains. Lunch boxes. Therapy robots. Karaoke machines. Beauty found in the sadness of impermanence and imperfection.

And I would add potato salad to that list — Japanese potato salad is just the best. For the uninitiated, it is distinguished by three key components: salty-umami additions such as ham and MSG; thinly sliced crunchy vegetables; and potatoes that are roughed up, almost mashed, to create a light and creamy texture.

By the way, if you can get Kewpie mayo, a Japanese brand that is exceedingly delicious, feel free to use that instead of the mayo recipe provided below.

Reprinted with permission from JapanEasy