There was a time in my life when I roasted a chicken basically every Sunday night, almost the same way every time: salt, pepper, butter, thyme (à la Thomas Keller). That way I could use leftovers later in the week for anything. But let’s be honest, no matter how good something basic is, it’s possible to get tired of it.

This recipe came about when I realized that the skin on the chicken I had bought had a large tear in it. After curiously poking at it and making the tear much bigger, I decided to try something totally different; I removed the skin in its entirety, cut it into large pieces and roasted them separately. While this makes for amazingly delicious crispy little snacks, it left a little something to be desired with the actual chicken. So the next time I tried it, I attacked the bird with flavor. I brined both the skin and the bird in an herbacious, fiery brine that permeates the meat (and skin). Then I glazed the bird with a sticky-sweet honey glaze that’s also spicy. And in case you were unaware, spicy + sweet + spicy = DELICIOUS.