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Eating more veggies this year? Here's a recipe just for that.

We’re a big fan of prolific food writer/cookbook author Annie Bell’s beautifully photographed, meticulously tested recipes. Have you seen her Brooklyn Blackout Cake, for instance? Oh man. Her latest collection, Low Carb Revolution, is one of those books that makes an otherwise less-than-appealing diet sound as good as root vegetable patties on a cold winter evening. We thought you’d be on board. 

Any vegetable that is grated, and then fried, is going to make deliciously delicate and crispy wisps, and these rösti are no exception. Ham? A tempting marriage, given the sweetness of the roots. If any leftover shreds are going begging, all the better, but otherwise some pulled or shredded ham hock will play the part.

Reprinted with permission from Low Carb Revolution