We’re strong supporters of the “put an egg on it” theory that many dishes can be improved with the addition of a good old-fashioned sunny side-up. But Lara Ferroni’s new book takes it a step further, as in, you’ll never have to think what to put an egg on again. Her recipes are tailored to feature this ingredient at its finest. Convert a side dish into a hearty brunch…or just eat it any time at all. 

Israeli couscous, also known as ptitim, is little pasta balls that are vaguely reminiscent of tapioca pearls, but in a much less goopy way. I love the little spring they have when cooked perfectly al dente and the way they soak up the flavors of the sausage and preserved lemon in this Mediterranean-inspired dish. Preserved lemons can usually be found in the international food aisle of most grocery stores, but if you can’t find them, feel free to use fresh lemon zest.

Reprinted with permission from Put An Egg On It