If you’re looking for triple-tested recipes from one of the most beloved recipe developers of our time, look no further than New York Times food writer Melissa Clark. Her latest book is a vibrant, diverse collection of recipes for your favorite new toy: the Instant Pot. These tender tangerine carrots will be ready in 15 minutes!

Sweet carrots get even sweeter when caramelized in butter, then cooked until silky soft in the pressure cooker. The better your ricotta, the better this very simple dish will turn out—for the most deluxe dish, consider making your own (see page 21). Or skip the ricotta and top the carrots with crumbled feta, goat cheese, or even cubed fresh mozzarella. Anything creamy will work nicely. And if you don’t like walnuts, substitute any kind of nut you do like. This dish really benefits from the crunch.

Reprinted with permission from Dinner In An Instant