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Cook up succulent shellfish in your Instant Pot in no time flat!

If you haven’t heard of the Instant Pot, you’re living under a rock! Pick up your favorite new piece of kitchen equipment and a copy of food blogger Michelle Fagone’s handy book and start instant-cooking everything! Instant Pot shellfish might seem like a long shot, but try this recipe for a classic low-country boil 

This low-country boil is a great summer food. Line a picnic table with newspapers and pour all of the ingredients onto the paper in the middle of the table. Guests can enjoy this family style with no real etiquette to the meal other than to have fun. Oh, and don’t forget a roll or two of paper towels. This can get messy.

You’ll notice that the shrimp required in this tasty Instant Pot® recipe are frozen. Shrimp have a much lower cooking time than some of the other low-country boil ingredients, so it helps if your shrimp are frozen so they don’t overcook and dry out. If you have fresh shrimp, freeze them for an hour after cleaning before adding them to the dish.

Reprinted with permission from The I Love My Instant Pot Recipe Book