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Creamy spiced chicken, on the table with minimal effort involved!

Feeding your family a healthy (and exciting) diet can be a challenge on busy weeknights. Simplify things with food writing and cookbook author Sarah Waldman’s new collection of recipes, and never wonder what to make again! This slow cooker butter chicken is a crowd-pleaser, time and again. 

I encourage you to make this meal your own by choosing toppings and sides that are your family’s favorites or that need to be eaten up. You know the ones—like that last sprinkle of nuts taking up precious storage space and staring at you, longingly, from the cabinet. I typically boil up some rice and toast slivered almonds with a handful of flaked coconut, but warm naan bread is another good accompaniment.

Kids Can: Little hands can use child-safe knives or kitchen shears to chop cilantro for the garnish.

For Baby: Indian Butter Chicken is very tender and can be easily shredded with two forks. Mix in some rice and you have baby’s meal.

Tomorrow’s Dinner: Naan Roll-Ups

Toast a few pieces of naan bread, spread on a thin layer of mango chutney, then spoon some leftover butter chicken on top. Roll up the naan and serve with a big salad.

Reprinted with permission from Feeding A Family