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Make this lean rack of venison for your next dinner shindig and usher in a new era of classiness.

Don’t say “farm to table” unless you really mean it! For those who practice the age-old survival methods of foraging and hunting (now vastly more fun as a hobby than as a matter of life and death), there is food writer Susan L. Ebert’s new cookbook. If you’re looking to discover your inner outdoorsy side, pick a recipe and a gun, rod or sturdy pair of gardening gloves, and get ready to cook from scratch. 

I developed this recipe for an Axis deer, classified as an exotic species, as are fallow deer
and other non-native cervids; they are legal game throughout the year. They are also incredibly tasty. The key to this roast — as it is with prime beef — is the dry-aging process.

Reprinted with permission from The Field to Table Cookbook