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Through corn is rare in France, when you get your hands on it, soup's on!

Author and blogger Béatrice Peltre has a new collection of recipes out that will have you craving French food like never before. One of the most appealing factors of French food is that it’s made at home for family. Though France’s fine-dining scene has garnered world renown, it’s eating at one’s own dining table that’s the real treat. Follow Peltre through her culinary journey and make tonight’s meal a special one.

Being French, I did not know that corn soup had such flavorful potential (in France, you rarely find or eat fresh corn). Once I had a taste, though, I could see I had been missing out. I’ve tried my hand at many corn soups, and while I liked them all, I think this one is the best. It is especially good when, to add more body, I top it with steamed clams and aromatic parsley oil. This makes the soup a bridge between terre et mer (earth and ocean), a beloved theme in my cooking.

Reprinted with permission from My French Family Table