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Succulent Korean steak tartare seasoned with soy sauce and sesame is one of the simplest pleasures we know.

Da Hae and Gareth West, co-owners of London’s bustling “Ameri-Korean” street food restaurant Busan BBQ, just released a new collection of their favorite recipes. Peruse their cookbook, K-Food, and get to know their distinct style, from classics to inventive fusion and everything in between.

Though we might be a little biased, this is definitely our favorite way of eating raw beef. Basically a Korean steak tartare, yukhoe is made from raw tenderloin or fillet steak that has been lightly marinated to become soft and tender. Flavored with soy and sesame, this dish is very delicate, with the egg yolk acting as a sauce that binds everything together and the lovely balance of sweet and salty really bringing out the beef’s natural flavors.

Reprinted with permission from K-Food