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These pomegranate beef skewers are inspired by Turkish street food. Dig in!

Set aside everything you know about Turkish delights, and pick up a copy of Turkish Delights. It’s a collection of recipes by author and culinarian John Gregory-Smith, who specializes in the cuisine of this vibrant region. These pomegranate beef skewers are a colorful, tangy, savory dish you’ll make over and over. 

The inspiration for these beef skewers came from a Turkish kebab called çöp şiş, an odds-and-ends sort of kebab, where leftover bits of meat are chopped up and marinated in yogurt and spices and then grilled. I first ate these at a smoky street stall on a warm evening in the town of Adana and quickly fell in love. The marinade tenderizes the meat beautifully, and the Turkish pepper flakes give it a little kick. For my kebab, I have been a bit more fancy, and used a good piece of steak, marinated in the traditional way, and finished off with pomegranate molasses and honey: two flavors that work beautifully with the cooked beef.

Reprinted with permission from Turkish Delights