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See this pizza? It doesn't miss the cured pork or sausage at all, not one little bit.

If the only thing keeping you from eating more vegetables in interesting ways is not owning chef and former Eataly vegetable butcher Cara Mangini’s new cookbook, you’re in luck — it’s out and it’s awesome. Fresh produce shines front and center in this inventive collection of recipes, so pick up a chef’s knife and get chopping.  

Pan-roasting shredded shiitake mushrooms until they are golden and crispy deepens their smoky flavor and magically imbues them with a heady baconlike flavor. I think they make a stellar pizza topping, one that’s even better with a cabbagey base of shredded Brussels sprouts. Thin ribbons of the portly sprouts crisp up in the oven, adding just another element of perfection. Other highlights are sweet red onions and a duo of creamy ricotta and Fontina cheeses. A cracked egg on top seems only appropriate, but you decide how irreverent you can be.

When you have the time to plan ahead, making pizza dough from scratch produces the best results. (Plus, it’s a satisfying and fun DIY project that isn’t as complicated as you may think.) You will need to make this one about two hours ahead, but you can take some shortcuts to get there sooner if needed. In a pinch, you can buy a little over a pound of store-bought pizza dough to produce two 12-inch pizzas. Investing in a pizza stone is worth it, but you can use a rimless baking sheet or the underside of a rimmed baking sheet if you don’t have one.

Reprinted with permission from The Vegetable Butcher