Chef Michael Psilakis of NYC’s Kefi loaned us his recipe for the phenomenal Cypriot sausages known as sheftalia. Try them at home or at the restaurant, but try them soon!

These super-fresh mini homemade sausages from Cyprus are terrific on a table of meze. Caul fat is traditionally used to make this sausage, but you may substitute regular sausage casing if caul fat is not available.

If your caul fat is frozen, be careful that it doesn’t pull apart into small pieces while thawing. You can freeze, or even refreeze, any leftover caul fat, which is helpful because you will probably not be able to buy a small quantity. If you plan to refreeze, try not to bring it past 45°F. The best way to defrost caul fat is to place it in salted water in the refrigerator.