Poached salmon with dill sauce is one of the simplest, most delicious salmon recipes you can make. It’s quick, easy, goes from pan to plate and can be served chilled or warm. Why poach instead of oven-bake? It depends on whether you plan to finish all of it at once. I’ve found that poached salmon stays succulent and flavorful after refrigeration, and baked salmon tends to get a little mealy and doesn’t reheat as well.

The key to flavorful poached salmon is flavorful poaching liquid. I use a combination of white wine and chicken stock flavored with a little onion, garlic, lemon and dill because I find that simply using water saps flavor from the salmon. Lemon slices in the water help the salmon keep its shape and color, and zest adds a nice floral tartness that complements the fish’s richness.

Leftovers are perfect in a quiche, egg scramble, salad, sandwich or hot or cold pasta, and since you want there to be leftovers, poaching is the way to go. The dill sauce works on everything — drizzle it over chicken, vegetables, potatoes or rice or use it as a crudité dip. Go nuts!