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Best lobster roll in the city? Tough decision. New York slings a mean lobster roll. Among the meanest: Luke’s Lobster, a delightful urban shack that holds true to its Maine roots. Real Maine Food, a new cookbook by Luke’s Lobster owners Luke Holden and Ben Conniff, showcases recipes by the folks who invented this briny summer treat. Folks who know a thing or two about lobster gnocchi, a strong contender for Favorite Treat of the Summer.

We met Jeff Landry back when he was the chef and owner of the Farmer’s Table, a restaurant on Commercial Street in Portland serving locally sourced food. Since then, Landry has taken his expertise from the kitchen direct to the farmers and fishermen themselves, working to distribute their goods to other like-minded restaurants and to convert those restaurants that still import food unnecessarily. Gnocchi is Landry’s favorite lobster dish, and he recommends starting a day ahead of time, as the gnocchi actually turn out best if you make them, freeze them, then cook them from the frozen state.

Reprinted with permission from Real Maine Food