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If you want to get your greens, try this healthy mole pipian, which is packed with herbs and vegetables. Like all moles, the sauce itself is the meal, and everything else is just garnish. I adapted this recipe from one of Diana Kennedy’s early books for use in my restaurant, where we served the pipian in a whole roasted squash stuffed with roasted root vegetables, shredded pork, and some queso fresco; the dish is also excellent with chicken—or with no meat at all.

This green mole is thickened with ground pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. The body of the mole is made from pureed greens, so it has a slightly coarser texture than mole verde, with a more complex flavor and a bit of heat. For best flavor, I recommend that you serve this mole immediately after it is made.

Reprinted with permission from Salsas and Moles