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Drink kvass for your health (and because it's incredibly delicious!)

It’s a book title and more than a suggestion: Ferment Your Vegetables, by blogger and author Amanda Feifer, is one of our favorite back-to-basics guides on all things pickled, fermented and cured. If you’ve got cabbage just itching to become something more, cucumbers that yearn for a brighter, tarter future, or any other vegetable just bursting with sour potential, this is the book for you. 

Although fermented vegetable drinks may not be the preferred option for ladies
who lunch, I believe this is an option that could tempt even the most elegant and choosy of the spa-going set. The fennel dominates and is rounded out by the fresh cucumber notes. This is one I have no problem serving at a summer tea party.

Reprinted with permission from Ferment Your Vegetables