These homemade chicken fries blow the fast-food version right out of the game. (Photos: Paul Harrison.)

When you think of chicken fries, you may think of a certain fast-food item, and you may think of it as an abomination of food. But honestly, you’d be wrong. It’s just a long chicken nugget. You like chicken nuggets, right? Of course you do. And if not, GTFO. No, seriously, GTFO RIGHT NOW.

Okay, now that we’re all on the same page, we’re going to do a variation of the chicken fry that’s not a long chicken nugget but instead is a strip of chicken breast. And in honor of Frites Week, instead of doing a standard breading, we’re going to fry these in a buttermilk mashed potato beer batter. That’s right: buttermilk mashed potatoes mixed with beer to make a batter. It’s homemade magic.

Oh, and we’re also going to make some sweet and sour sauce to dip these into, ’cause as a kid I always got sweet and sour sauce for my nuggets, and you know you did, too. Unless you had no imagination. If you got barbecue sauce, I’m sorry to tell you, you have no imagination. Now, on to the magic.