Biscuit Love was founded in Nashville in 2012 as a food truck by husband-and-wife team Sarah and Karl Worley, who quickly traded up for an Airstream (named Lilly) and then a brick-and-mortar restaurant in the Gulch neighborhood. It has since become a Nashville staple due in no small part to the couple’s playful take on the classic Southern biscuit brunch.

The Worleys’ famous beaten biscuits, inspired by late Southern writer John Egerton, are made using an age-old technique of pounding the dough to achieve a firm texture. Worley makes his own beaten biscuits with vintage machines that work like oversize pasta rollers, with cylinders that tenderize and layer dough (but you can use just a regular pasta roller at home).

“The Wash Park started with wanting something ‘lunch-y’ on the menu, and wanting to use Bear Creek, who is our provider for beef and pork,” says Karl Worley. “They came up with a custom blend beef for us. We gussied it up a bit with bacon jam and pimento cheese and named it the Wash Park after Washington Park in Denver, Colorado, the park where Sarah and I got engaged.”

Tip: Some home cooks don’t have access to local butchers, but if you do, visit! And support them! If not, ask the guys in the meat department of your local grocery store to grind beef for your burger out of scraps. Not only will it be fresher, it will have more flavor from the blend of cuts and have good fat content!