Get your hands on some of the most beautifully photographed egg recipes in one of the best-designed cookbooks we’ve seen in a while. Egg, by blogger and author Blanche Vaughan, may be a one-subject tome, but it’s by no means a one-trick pony. From sweet to savory, breakfast to dinner and every eating occasion in between, this is the collection you’ll need to honor those prime free-range eggs you love so much. 

Roasted beets have a wonderfully intense, sweet flavor, but the long cooking time means it’s not ideal when you want a quick salad. I usually roast a whole tray at once, when I have time, and then use the beets for different things throughout the week — including this salad, which makes a good lunch dish.

Otherwise, if you don’t have time to roast them, precooked beets are easy to find; just omit the vinegar in the recipe because they’ve usually been coated in it already.

Reprinted with permission from Egg: Recipes