Anya Fernald is cofounder and CEO of the Belcampo Meat Co., the world’s largest sustainable meat company. Inspired by the Italian peasant cuisine known as cucina povera, Fernald’s new collection of recipes, Home Cooked, is as simple, hearty and delicious as it gets, featuring rich soups, flavorful stocks, creamy polenta, rib-sticking pasta and a vibrant array of appetizers, vegetables and sides.

I first ate these crispy potatoes at a Uruguayan asado — a South American barbecue — where they were cooked in a Dutch oven alongside the grilling meats, and the method has become my favorite way to prepare russets. They are easy to make, and the result is fairly spectacular, giving you the best of both worlds: tender, buttery rounds of potato with browned, crunchy edges. Don’t pack the sliced potatoes into the pan too tightly — tight enough to remain upright but with a bit of space between the slices, so the heat can circulate and cook the potatoes through. They are equally delicious prepared with olive oil or melted duck fat instead of butter.

Reprinted with permission from Home Cooked