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The Magic Shell of your childhood ice cream is all grown up!

Food writer and photographer Leela Cyd has a new cookbook out that will make you want to group-text five of your closest friends, “Dinner at my place!” Every recipe, from the tried and true to the brand-new, has a certain signature twist that makes each dish unique. Pick a page and get crackin’.

Restraint? I’m not fond of it. This recipe includes all of my favorite flavors — bourbon, salt, black pepper, and good-quality dark chocolate — and turns them into a big kid’s delight. Remember Magic Shell from your favorite cheapo ice cream shop? That crackly chocolate was amazing; it was SCIENCE happening before our big, hungry eyes.

My husband, who is also my collaborator, and I were recently asked to make a video depicting how to make this sexy stuff for The Kitchn. Much to my surprise, it includes only two ingredients: chocolate and coconut oil. The coconut oil turns the chocolate sauce into a solid once it meets with the cold of ice cream. Let’s bamboozle adult ice cream lovers even more with spice, crunchy salt, and booze. Yeah, baby! There’s only one thing more magical than original magic — and that’s whiskey magic. Oh, the joys of grown-up treats.

Reprinted with permission from Food With Friends