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You've never truly enjoyed shellfish until you've eaten a hot-smoked shrimp.

Smoked everything, all the time! That’s the motto of food author Charlotte Pike’s new book. With recipes and techniques for adding smoky flavor and succulent texture to everything in your fridge, larder and beyond, this is one book the smoke enthusiast needs to own. Ever wanted to make hot-smoked shrimp? 

Shrimp hot smoke very quickly and easily. You can leave the shells on or peel them—it is up to you—but I find small shrimp can benefit from a protective jacket—they can shrink and dry out easily if peeled first and then smoked, and the flavor of the smoke is imparted more intensely. Larger shrimp are more robust and will hold up better to smoking when peeled.

Smoked shrimp are delicious in all types of salads, pies, sandwiches and pasta dishes.

Reprinted with permission from Smoking Hot & Cold