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Nothing will impress your guests quite like hot-smoked salmon pâté with whiskey jelly.

Chef Nathan Outlaw has a new collection of seafood recipes out, with a focus on budget and nature-friendly dishes the home cook will love making over and over again. This hot-smoked salmon pâté is an impressive starter that will delight your guests. From fresh salads and simple fish fillets to more complex entrées requiring a bit of technique, there are tons of delicious things in Everyday Seafood for you. 

Salmon and whiskey is a pairing I’ve been serving in various ways since I opened my first restaurant, Black Pig, in 2003. Good quality hot-smoked salmon is available from good delis, supermarkets, and online — it’s well-worth buying superior smoked fish, because the texture and flavor will be better. If whiskey isn’t your thing, you could use the same recipe to create a beet jelly, swapping the whiskey for beet juice.

Reprinted with permission from Everyday Seafood