Barbecue Hall of Famer, writer and best-selling cookbook author Steven Raichlen has a new volume of recipes out that grilling enthusiasts won’t want to miss. Burners of wood and utilizers of combustion by-products (smoked-food lovers, we’re looking squarely at you) will be thrilled and delighted by Project Smoke, a book dedicated to all things smoke-infused. Happy grilling season!

This simple smoked Camembert delivers big flavors (and great looks) by combining two distinctly American live-fire cooking techniques: planking and smoking. The former imparts the aromatic taste of charred cedar; the latter endows the cheese with complex smoke flavors undreamed of by French cheesemakers. The prep time is a couple of minutes; the wow power is off the charts.

Fuel: Hardwood of your choice — enough for 10 minutes of smoking on a grill or 30 to 45 minutes in a smoker.

Gear: 1 cedar plank or other wood plank, such as hickory, oak, or alder, preferably 6 inches square, available at grill shops and most supermarkets. I’m partial to my Best of Barbecue brand, available at Note: You can also buy cedar boards at a lumberyard, but make sure they’re untreated.

Shop: My cheese of choice is French Camembert or a small (5- to 6-inch) Brie cheese.

What else: I like to smoke-roast the cheese at a high temperature (400°F), but you can also smoke it low and slow at 250°F.

Reprinted with permission from Project Smoke