I take little shame in wondering why the caprese concept of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil doesn’t automatically include a little cured meat for salt and general harmony. I hear you: The harmony is already there, and if you need salt, there’s about a thousand kinds to choose from…but I’m ignoring you. While we’re serving antipasti, I thought I’d loop in hot coppa, a surprisingly underutilized member of the Italian salumi family. Coppa, made from the neck of the pig, boasts a prosciutto-like fermented porky aroma and flavor, but with a mounting red pepper kick that will certainly make you reach for another slice. There’s every bit as much coppa as mozzarella and tomato in this eye-catching hors d’oeuvre.

Using cocktail swords for appetizer skewers is great, because they’re swords. On top of it all, “coppa caprese” is fun to say. Make these hefty two-bite appetizers for your next shindig and watch them vanish from the platter.