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This lamb burger is served on pita-like buns with creamy peanut sauce and pomegranates. Just try to tell us you've had one of these before.

Chinese chef and restaurateur Andrew Wong has a new cookbook out, named for his renowned London eatery, A. Wong. Follow in the celebrated chef’s footsteps as he revisits his culinary travels through China, selecting his favorite recipes to share along the way. You may have had a lamb burger before, but you’ve definitely never had Wong’s. 

“A burger?” I hear you ask in disbelief. I was just as surprised when I first experienced this dish. Xi’an is most famously known for being home to the ancient terracotta army of the Qin dynasty (221–206 BCE). However, head to the streets of the city and you will find what some would contend to be the origins of the hamburger. The bread bun is more like pita bread than a typical Cantonese bun, having a crisp surface and a soft interior that soaks up all the braising liquor from the lamb.

Reprinted with permission from A. Wong Cookbook