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Biscuit Head's jalapeño pimento cheese calls for hoop cheese, a regional specialty that gives the recipe its signature texture.

If you’ve ever loved a biscuit, whether it’s sandwiching fried chicken, doused in sausage gravy or simply accompanying a home-cooked plate of Southern food, Biscuit Head is the book for you. It’s a collection of recipes by the Asheville, North Carolina’s own Jason and Carolyn Roy, owners of the eponymous restaurant so popular there’s usually a line out the door. Looking to spice up your sandwich? Their jalapeño pimento cheese may be the best you’ve ever had!

This recipe packs a little punch thanks to the jalapeños, but the peppers are more about adding to the complexity of the dip — it won’t blow anyone away with spice. You’ll find it has an amazing balance of textures and flavors that keeps you coming back for more. Hoop cheese is a red-waxed cheese that you can find at farmers’ markets and roadside stands throughout the South, and it’s known for its creaminess and simplicity. It’s made with cow’s milk and is most similar to a farmer’s cheese. Feel free to substitute a mild cheddar or another favorite cheese along those lines if you can’t find hoop cheese.

Reprinted with permission from Biscuit Head