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Sprinkle away — you know exactly what's in this homemade ice cream topping!

Leave it to the Test Kitchen pros at Food52 to churn out books that everyone can cook through, no matter their skill level. Homemade is always better, particularly when it comes to foods of indeterminate origin, like certain ice cream toppings. Ready your sundaes, because you’re about to learn how to make homemade sprinkles!

We’d have a hard time telling you what store-bought sprinkles are made of, let alone what they taste like. So for sprinkles that are flavorful and delicious enough to eat on their own, it’s worth it (and pretty dang simple) to make them yourself. The best part? You can think about your ice cream’s taste and appearance and choose your sprinkles’ flavor and color scheme accordingly. Make it as elegant (dark sprinkles on chocolate ice cream) or as whimsical (a rainbow of sprinkles on mint-basil chip) as you’d like.

Reprinted with permission from Food52 Ice Cream and Friends