If you’ve never dined at chef Marcus Samuelsson’s flagship restaurant, the famed Red Rooster Harlem, add one more stop on your Manhattan “to eat” list. The Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised New Yorker is one of the city’s best-loved chefs and was a cofounder of Food Republic. Naturally, we’re completely excited for his brand-new cookbook that brings the cuisine of Red Rooster and its underground supper club, Ginny’s, right to your home kitchen. Check out this recipe for Samuelsson’s Wild Wild Wings — it’s about as good as a wing recipe gets. 

Where there’s a bird, there are wings, and they were meant to be eaten. You can’t eat chicken wings pretty. You get sauce all over your fingers and lips, and you’re a kid again. Your face betrays you. It says, “I ate wings!”

Deep-fried chicken wings dressed with vinegary hot sauce (Frank’s) and butter may have started the craze for Buffalo wings, but there are countless versions now. Ours uses Cholula hot sauce and a good hit of ginger, so the heat is sweet. Start the day before.

Make a quick dip for the wings by stirring ½ cup crumbled blue cheese into ¾ cup plain yogurt. And put out a plate of chilled radishes.

It matters when you get the sauce on the wings. Hot wings and warm sauce will make a marriage.

Reprinted with permission from The Red Rooster Cookbook