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These popovers can barely contain themselves.

Whether you harbor a passion for eggs that fuels your mornings or are simply an admirer from afar, you’ll want a copy of The Perfect Egg. It’s got recipes for any time of day and many kinds of egg lover. Whether you prefer sweet and custardy, buttery and fried, or boiled and stuffed, there’s a treat with a golden yolk in there for you. Eggs are an essential part of baking, so try this perfect savory popover recipe full of creamy Havarti cheese and grassy, herbal dill. 

Popovers intimidate most people. They rise up. They collapse. It’s stressful. We understand. These popovers will hold their shape for quite a while before collapsing, and even after they do, they will taste every bit as custardy and delicious as the moment you pulled them from the oven. Havarti and dill are our choice for making them special, but feel free to put your own signature on them by substituting your favorite combination of cheese and herbs. To bake the popovers in a standard muffin pan instead of a popover pan, butter and fill 8 muffin wells and reduce the baking time by 3 to 5 minutes, both before and after lowering the temperature.