Bring a few dozen oysters along on your camping trip — they’re the easiest thing you’ll cook! (Photo: Gabi Porter.)

Grilling is fun because, well, you get to play with fire. And in this case, you also get to play with smoke. I admit that oysters are not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of camping recipes. But if you have a cooler, why not? This recipe requires just three ingredients and an active cooking time of less than ten minutes. It’s everything a great camping recipe should be: simple and delicious.

The rosemary in this recipe is wonderfully pragmatic and serves as a multitasking jack-of-all-trades: It creates a stable surface for grilling the oysters, it prevents the shells from burning and it flavors the oysters as it slowly chars.

This recipe yields oysters that are just lightly warmed through, still bright and briny, with just a touch of smoke and herbaceous flavor. Perhaps the best part? No shucking required.

You can do this on a gas grill, but for the best flavor I highly recommend a charcoal grill using natural wood charcoal.