This ham croquettes recipe with parsley sauce comes courtesy of James Villas, a man who knows his pork.  

I am still on the bandwagon to restore all croquettes—meat, poultry, and seafood—to the prominent role they once played in every country-club dining room and department-store restaurant in the South, and none do I relish more than those made with some form of ham and served with a mustard, tomato, or cream sauce, or with this subtle parsley sauce. In truth, a well-made, carefully fried ham croquette is delicious just by itself (either as an appetizer or main course), and for ideal texture, I remain convinced that the mixture for these croquettes should be chilled overnight before being formed into patties. As with all croquettes, feel free to experiment with different secondary ingredients—olives, capers, bell peppers, and so on.