Indians don’t glorify chicken wings the way Americans do, so I’m stepping in to bridge that inexplicable gap. When faced with chicken and the possibility of high-heat smoky cooking, such as any ol’ charcoal grill, there’s only one preparation on my mind. I’ve tandoorified and char-grilled everything from pork loin and tofu steaks to more traditional fare like shrimp and lamb chops. Brine and baste all you want, but tandoorification (my word for marinating overnight in heavily spiced yogurt) is the way to go if your end game is “juicy and flavorful.”

I love Greek yogurt and eat a giant tub of it every week, but go with regular whole milk yogurt for tandoori marinades, the clinging remnants of which won’t scorch on a hot grill. The second whole milk yogurt component is the spicy coriander dipping sauce. Why so much yogurt? Because Indian people love yogurt.

You can find both prepared coriander chutney and tandoori spice powder, also known as tandoori masala, at any Indian or Middle Eastern grocery. If you really want that bright pink tandoori chicken hue you get at your local curry joint, add a couple of drops of red food coloring to the marinade.