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Photo: Jason Snyder
Sweet tamarind pairs perfectly with a savory turkey burger.

Liz Neumark of The Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm in upstate New York teaches children how to grow, harvest and prepare healthy, natural, local food. Sylvia’s Table, their cookbook released today, is full of the Center’s greatest hits. These easy, flavorful turkey burgers are a light alternative to heavier grilled meats and will be devoured by kids and adults alike. 

Most children today have been exposed to a greater range of flavors than we were when we were very young, and their tastes are more developed, even for spicy foods. I cannot count the number of times I meet children who can rattle off their favorite sushi! So there’s no worry that the warm but not too spicy Southeast Asian seasonings in these turkey burgers won’t appeal to young palates.

Ground turkey, like boneless chicken breasts, is receptive to a wide range of flavorings, making it another option for good, tasty, quick and affordable meals. This recipe can be halved, but the mixture freezes well, so, unless the turkey has already been frozen, you may want to make it all and freeze some of the burgers.

Reprinted with permission from Sylvia’s Table