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Slightly savory thanks to saffron, this cake will be hard have just one slice of. (Photo: Frankie Frankeny.)

Michael Chiarello is a master of cooking over fire — we don't call him a Grilling God for nothing. His new book, Live Fire, is an aptly named volume full of professional tips for some of the best food you've ever tasted off the grill. Including dessert. 

I love a dessert that isn’t too sweet; this grilled lemon-saffron pound cake is just right. It gets its golden color from lemon and saf­fron, which adds a deep, almost savory flavor note that I really like. It’s baked in the oven; after baking, slice the cake and then finish the slices on the grill until they’re toasted. This is ideal with fresh summer berries or grilled figs with local lavender honey in the fall. 

Reprinted with permission from Live Fire