Dewey Losasso was chef at the Forge in Miami Beach, probably the city's most old-school, meat-centric restaurant and recently became executive chef at AQ at the beautiful Acqualina resort, further up the beach. Either way, the man knows his way around a burger, which is why we asked him for a recipe. Why specifically black angus beef from Creekstone Farms?

 "I met the guys from Creekstone Farms at a wine fair in Oregon at least a dozen years ago. We hit it off – I was very impressed with their ethos and their product, I’ve worked with them ever since. Their Black Angus program is just superior quality and always consistent – and quality not quantity has always been their way of operating since I’ve known them."

You'll need fresh or jarred truffles and truffle oil, both of which are available at gourmet grocery stores. Enjoy!